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A Warm Welcome to Nate Metz!

Gaman Dojo is wildly excited to introduce our members to their newest instructor: Nate Metz. Fresh off a training trip to Japan, Nate appeared on our doorstep looking for a place to train and teach. As a supplement to our adult members' education, he has graciously offered to open for us on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30 pm - 8 pm. While he hopes to start with the basics as he was shown to give more variety and options to the Gaman artists, Nate isn't against changing up the curriculum depending on what he is currently working on and what he feels would best help the students. You may start with kihon and end with kyoketsu-shoge! Whatever the lesson, we're looking forward to learning as much as we can from Nate.

Nate demonstrates how easily you can topple an opponent when you use the proper techniques.

Nate Metz Shihan started training with Jay Zimmerman Daishihan in 2002 until he started training with Michael Asuncion Daishihan. He passed the saki test in 2006 under Phil Legare Daishihan. He continues to train in Japan with Nagase Sensei and Soke.

(216) 218-0280

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