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Discover How Ancient and Traditional Japanese Martial Arts Can Impact Your Daily Life

As a private noncompetitive martial arts school, the Bujinkan Gaman Dojo is dedicated to functional and traditional philosophies. Our team works with members to develop and enhance skills that enrich the modern lifestyle.


With a student base located throughout the Greater Cleveland Metro area, we have recently relocated to an easily accessible studio in Lakewood, Ohio.

Private Lessons

Private lessons and personal training session are both available upon request, but may not overlap the regularly scheduled adult classes. Please contact us as far ahead of time as possible so that we may better accommodate your schedule with ours.

Adult Classes

Classes with our instructors are currently offered four times a week. Topics primarily vary from unarmed techniques, weapons work, and body mechanics improvement exercises. All new students must complete a two page application and briefly meet with either instructor before attending or sitting in on their first class. 

To view our different training plans and pricing, visit our Current Training Schedule page.


More About Us

Mission & Values

Gaman Dojo was founded five years ago with the intention to create a space for martial artists to grow and learn Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu in a fun and dynamic environment. The dojo has upgraded to its second location and serves the greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

Learn more about our Shidoshi Robert Bigley, co-owner of Gaman Dojo, and our special guest instructor Shihan Nate Metz in our Gaman Shinbun articles.


Helpful Articles

Learning a martial art takes more than practicing and training your body. Use these articles to take your practice and understanding to the next level.

Curious about a topic? Let us know and it may be our next article!


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